Blog 4: Midpoint Check-In

For the midpoint Check-in I’ll say my goal hasn’t changed yet. I am still trying to learn how it is like to work in a start-up which requires each participant’s to do their part. The problem is more on my balance between personal life and work. I do enjoy working at Gwydion.Co But recently after the work I get so exhausted and return home without exercising which I planned to do for the summer. Several things I determined to do for this summer hasn’t been achieved (My personal goals) and I feel like there is conflict between work and life balance. Recently I’ve been over-working myself in order to achieve the corporate goals, and it somehow destroyed my life cycle.

But in company, I think I am doing my part in this company as Unity developer. However, I feel like I got lazy, slacking off and being late to the office, and skipping the work (even though I was sick). I feel like I have to get myself together again and totally focus on the work again/


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