Blog 6 – Yes, yes, and yes

Yesterday evening, after completing our final Experience Lab at Crystal Swann Child Care Center, I turned to the director, Ms Felicia, and jokingly said “Why you lookin’ at me like you want me to come back?”. To which she replied, “Because I do.”

Already I am feeling the tugging at my heartstrings. I don’t want to leave Detroit. I want to continue driving around from one location to another, unveiling bubble wrap and paper plates before curious eyes, and hearing the little voices asking “Are we doing paint today? Are we gonna make art?”. And man, I want to keep saying yes for as long as I can.

Moving forward, I will continue to supplement my existing knowledge of early childhood development and research skills by taking relevant courses at the University, and also by connecting with faculty members who have had experiences in this particular field.

Because this internship has given me a peek into the days I want to structure for myself – days structured around providing the best art experiences to the youngest learners, simultaneously nurturing and educating their young minds and souls. Already I have spoken to my supervisor about coming back to this organization after I graduate. I didn’t even consider the future that her offers were securing for me, instead all I could think about was how I would someday be able to finish an activity, turn to the little child tugging on my arm, and to his question of “Are you coming back?” – answer “Yes.”



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