Blog post 3

Nolan Ulizio

Professor Anderson

ALA 225

Blog Post 3

Its 2017, the world is the most diverse it has ever been. And within the pizza shop it’s no different. There was different races/religions/nationalities within the customers and the workers. It was actually amazing to see how everyone comes together for a common interest (pizza). I actually had the opportunity to speak to my manager, and ask him what his views of diversity were. He personally said it’s a great thing having many diverse co-workers/customers, because everyone can learn something new from everyone. He also said it’s a great thing because when the store is huge melting pot of races he notices the respect that everyone has for one another is off the walls. One thing I took away from thinking about this topic for this blog post was the fact that everyone may just want pizza, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or your political position. At the end of the day everyone just wants a good old fashion slice of pizza.

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