Blog Post 5

Nolan Ulizio

Professor Anderson

ALA 225

Blog post 5

This topic for blog post #5 has a special place in my heart. This is because of how hard it was to adjust to the business of making pizza. First off they make their bread fresh every morning which means they hand roll it into a perfect circle. This was very hard because I didn’t know how to catch the bread once you threw it up in the air. The second part was making sure the sauce tasted up to par. This was challenging because I thought all the red sauce tasted the same but boy I was wrong. The manager had a distinct taste for the red sauce and knew when it was the right taste. The next challenging part was the part when we had to grade all the cheese and make it into smaller chunks so it would melt well with the pizza. Then the final step was the hardest in my opinion. We had to put the pizza in the oven and make sure it was heated to the right temperature but not the point where it was burning or under cooked. This was hard because It seemed like I was always undercooking it or just burning the living hell out of it.

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