Blog Post 6

Nolan Ulizio

Professor Anderson

ALA 225

Blog post 6

So blog #6 was about whether or not we thought this experience had any major impact in our future selectin of jobs. I’d have to say that this experience in fact did play a role in whether or not I was going to go into pizza business later down the road. One thing is for sure and that is that I won’t be entering the pizza business anytime soon, I do love pizza but I just don’t love to make it or serve it. Now I won’t knock the fact that I did learn a whole lot and did learn a lot about the business side of a business. I learned what it takes to run a store, stock a store, and make sure the store stays running. It takes a whole lot of heart and dedication, because I mirror the manager and he was up at 6 am every morning and always the last one in the store at 9pm. That’s a very long day and it was a very long month for me, but I learned valuable information that I couldn’t have learned otherwise.

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