Blog post one

Nolan Ulizio

Professor Anderson

ALA 225

Blog post one

There are many things that I want to achieve and gain from this internship. One goal that focuses on what I want to accomplish is how to run a successful business. I will be spending my time with a lot of successful people and I would like to gain some knowledge from them on how to successfully run a business I will be spending some of my time in the actual pizza shop so being there will really help me to understand how a business works, and then I will be in the company’s offices learning how they manage everything. A thing that I really hope to gain from this experience is just overall knowledge of the business world. I have never had an internship with a company before so I am going into this open minded. Anything that I can get from this good or bad will help me out tremendously when I get older and move onto the business world. I am really looking forward to this internship because it is with a good rising company in a good location geographically. The things that I learn from the internship will also help me out with my school work.

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