Introducing my Mentor #3

Have you found a great mentor? If so, what makes him/her great? Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors?

My mentor’s name is Dr. Abdollah Kavousi-Fard, and he is currently a post-doc researcher at the University of Michigan Dearborn. When I was first learned I was going to be mentored by a post-doc, I definitely expected a middle aged stern man that would command me around the lab. To my surprise, Dr. Kavousi-Fard looked no older than a college senior and was a very social and approachable person.

As I worked throughout my internship, I stumbled on many problems and obstacles. While many of my colleagues refused to ask questions to their unapproachable mentors, I often found myself texting Dr. Kavousi-Fard a question or a meeting request so we could talk about the questions at hand. What made my mentor so great was his ability to make me feel wanted and respected. No question was a bad question, and no problem was too small, was his mentality. Many times throughout the internship, when my back was against the wall, I was so grateful that I was assigned Dr. Kavousi-Fard as a mentor due to his acceptance and helpfulness.

While I can say my internship has bonded me to many of work peers and different supervisors, I believe the strongest relationship I formed was the one with my mentor. We have gotten to a point where grabbing lunch together and talking about life has become a normal routine. I was fascinated about how he moved from Iran and his journey learning about the electricity market in English. Funny and intelligent, my mentor has been nothing but a positive influence on my internship, and I hope to continue communication long after my internship.

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