“Piping Plovers and a Stressful Schedule” / #4

I’m coming up on the last month of my internship, and man, have things been crazy.

First, the good: I attended an incredible release of four Great Lakes Piping Plover chicks, an incredibly endangered species that’s making a comeback thanks to the efforts of the DNR, the National Parks Service, the Fish & Wildlife Service, and several universities- including our own Bio Station in Pellston! The funding for the Plover program comes from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which gets huge bipartisan support in congress. Senator Peters is an especially staunch supporter of the initiative. The release itself was spectacular, and it was my first “solo mission” on behalf of the office, so to speak. Unforgettable.

Four chicks raised in captivity taking flight into their natural habitat. 

Unfortunately, things haven’t been going so smoothly since the regional coordinator left. The healthcare bill has eaten into senate recess time, so Senator Peters’ carefully-planned motorcycle trip through Michigan had to be postponed- and the staff retreat, due to take place in Traverse City (where my office is located) was bumped up. My supervisor has taken on the load of two people, so she’s hardly around, which translates to fewer days in the office with a lot more work.

I can’t say that the new schedule is pleasant, but at least I’m getting a good idea of how crazy things can get for all staffers. I truly, truly don’t know what the last couple of weeks will bring, but it definitely won’t be uninteresting.

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