Retrospectively Looking Back At My First Weeks | #4

My internship with the U.S. Treasury Department is slowly coming to an end and with that I have spent most of my time taking in more of the touristic sites of Washington D.C. and evaluating my time as an intern. In the beginning of my internship, I had set goals of networking within Treasury and D.C., be invited back to the U.S Treasury, and to seek out UM alumni and Ross alumni in the area. Now that I am 10 weeks in my internship, my network has vastly grown from getting individuals’ business cards, emails, and making over 100 LinkedIn connections just from this internship alone. I have networked within my own office, to outside of my office as I have met Congressman and Senators on The Hill (of which I am not their constituent). I have also had the privilege to network with VP of Regional Operations for the DC-Viriginia-Maryland- area for Starbucks and had an interview with her regarding advice on how to make it to Starbucks Corporate. I have also networked with both Chief of Staff’s for U.S. Treasury Secretary, Secretary Mnuchin. Thus, I truly believe I have surpassed my goal of successfully networking in Washington.

Similarly, I have had a great time in meeting with other UM alumni such as Anita Blair and Luis Contreras, CXO of Department of Defense and Strategic Research Analysts, respectively.

On the other hand, my other goal of being invited back at Treasury for another internship or a future paid job has been been challenging to accomplish. As of right now, the President has established a hiring freeze within the U.S. Treasury department; thus, regardless of my qualifications or experience I will not be able to apply for a job anytime soon. I do hope that when/if the hiring freeze is over that my supervisor will reach out to me or recommend me as a potential applicant/employee.

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