The End | #5

It’s a wrap… An end of an amazing summer that I won’t forget.

I think I learned a lot throughout this internship, especially in terms of how much I don’t feel ready to be a “true” adult, HAHA.

Before this trip, I wanted to get away for the summer and be away from everyone I knew. I guess, growing up, I always thought I was a really independent person because my parents were at work until late at night (they worked in restaurants and such). Also, I didn’t have siblings so I had to take care of myself.

Yet, when I came to Hong Kong, I realized I wasn’t all that independent. It’s nice to be able to go home to my parents and see them, as well as eating their home-cooked meals. However, for 2.5 months, I wasn’t able to do that. Additionally, I didn’t have my friends from Ann Arbor around, which made it quite hard, too.

I am just incredibly grateful I was given the opportunity to come to Hong Kong, despite how hard it was. I was able to meet new people and become friends with some of the people I met here. Even though it wasn’t the same as Ann Arbor, I found comfort in the people here eventually. I really hope to be able to keep in contact with at least some of them.

Work was hard, but in the end, I did learn a lot. Even though my supervisors were often busy (the risk team were lacking a lot of help and support since a lot of people left the team) and could not always give me or my coworkers a hand, I really believe I learned a lot of skills needed for my future careers.

I’m just thankful for the people who made this experience wonderful and my parents for making it happen!

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