The End #6

I can’t believe my internship is almost over. Throughout this experience, I have enjoyed my internship very much and learned so many new things, however it has taught me that public relations may not be a path I wish to pursue. Although I enjoyed the work I did at my internship very much, I believe that something is missing. For me, that something is a creative aspect. I have always been a visual person who loves art, especially fashion, and I believe that a career geared a bit more towards this creative side would give me more of what I am looking for. I realized this while I was writing a press release for one of our clients. I love writing, however it was about nothing that I was interested in. I now know that in a career I would like to combine writing and some visual aspect. Due to this, I have decided to minor in Art & Design at Michigan. This minor, combined with my Communications major, will provide me with the best education I can get. I am extremely grateful for this internship because it taught me many life skills and helped me figure out exactly what I am looking for in a future career.

One thought on “The End #6

  • August 7, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    The intersection between the communications major and art & design minor sounds quite interesting. Although it was less preferred during this recent internship experience, it may be a good idea to save your written work samples so that you can easily add them to a future design portfolio.


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