Wrapping Up What I’ve Learned | Blog #5

I have been interning in the Cancer Center for about two months now, and though that may not seem like much, the team has made a significant progress in the research; I am glad to have been a part of it all. I remember walking in the Michigan Medical Building my first day and getting lost for about ten minutes before I finally found my department. I remember feeling intimidated when hearing all the medical terms my lab peers were speaking. Now, I understand everything and join in on the conversation; it is great. As my final days here are wrapping up, I am working on my poster that I have to present at next week’s symposium. My rough draft is finished, but I am making edits on it to make the final draft perfect. All my superiors in the lab want to see my poster so they can give me feedback, which is super nice because constructive criticism is what I need right now. Talking about my research for eight minutes straight to each person that stops by my poster seemed challenging at first. I thought, “is that too much time for a brief summarize of what I did? What if I run out of things to say?” However, after editing my poster to make it have less words and more photos, I realized I actually have a lot to say on the research I conducted. Now, eight minutes seems like too little time. I want to explain to my viewers why the research is being conducted, what we have learned so far, and what effect this knowledge will have on the future. I want to discuss the role my specific work contributed to the individual project. Culturing cells and discussing the relevant work I read about in the scientific journals played a big part in ensuring our lab tests ran smoothly. I have learned so much this summer; I know next week’s symposium will reflect that and make my colleagues proud.

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