#2. Ann Arbor in the Summer

This is the second summer that I have spent in Ann Arbor however both experiences have been extremely different. The first summer I spent on campus was last year as an incoming freshman, when I participated in the Bridge Scholars Program through the Comprehensive Studies Program office. This year I am not taking any classes, rather I am interning with the Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives.

My first summer in Ann Arbor was amazing! At the time I was enrolled in three classes and had mandatory workshops that I had to attend throughout the day, needless to say, my days were extremely busy. Whenever I had some free time, it always involved sports or hanging out with close friends that I had made. Because my days were so occupied, the time flew by and I had the chance to visit home on the weekends. That summer, my semester felt more like fun than actual school.

However, this summer, I have experienced a whole other side of Ann Arbor I never thought possible. The streets are quiet, the weekends are dull unless you are over 21 and are in Downtown or South University. Since I am not taking classes, I have had little to no interactions with faculty and staff of the University. However, the fact that majority of students are gone means that I can drive and always find parking. I love not having to walk a mile to arrive at my destination.

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