4| My Stack: How a Nonprofit Provided Me with Deep Development Experience

I came into my internship expecting to learn a few new things largely on my own with respect to my development skillset.  I expected an introduction and application that would be rather cursory compared to more traditional “industry” placements.  However, as I continued to challenge myself (rejecting poor application performance and very “web like” interface, forcing me to pursue cross-platform application development that took into consideration native mobile needs),  This whole process was bootstrapped with having high school students on the project, who I needed to be able to explain what was going on with some of the newer pieces of our project stack (forcing me to learn these technologies to a greater degree).  Our final stack included HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and some limited use of Adobe PhoneGap (these were the elements of the stack that I expected to have exposure to).  However, I was also exposed to the pheonomenal NativeScript framework and ended up referencing/using some of its templates and open-source projects as part of our mobile application, and also the powerful Firebase “Backend-as-a-Service” application, which enabled our team to add powerful features like user account authentication/management and push notifications to the mobile application.  This experience has been fantastic for developing my technical skillset, and I am excited to apply and build upon this skillset in my future endeavors.



NativeScript and Firebase at work!

Sujay S

I am a student studying Informatics (with a Life Science Concentration) in the College of Literature, Science, and Arts at the University of Michigan. I am currently working as a Mobile Application Development Intern at CollegeCommunity Career, a nonprofit in the Houston, Texas area that aims to increase college access and success to underserved populations in the area. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this rewarding experience, due to support from AmeriCorps VISTA program and the Brock-Wilson Family Fund for Student Support LSA Internship Scholarship.

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