Blog #2: Work Culture

Blog #2: When I think of work culture I think of a toolkit. A toolkit that a person uses depending on where they are at. This toolkit is filled with norms, values, and beliefs that fit into the context of where someone is. It is cultivated through life experiences and learned from one’s environment. This toolkit looks different everywhere you go. When I think of work culture I think of the same type of concept, a toolkit, but within the context of a professional work environment. For me personally, work culture is an aspect of a job that is important to me. I want to be for an organization or company that aligns with my beliefs and values and has norms that I respect and appreciate. I also think an employee can help cultivate the work culture by “buying into” what is established or by providing feedback in areas that one believes can be improved. In my current internship, I really enjoy the work culture. There is a lot of freedom and the founder of the organization places an emphasis on empowering us as interns by giving confidence in our ideas and including us during important decisions and dialogues. For example, I am teaching in four different classes and I will often bounce ideas off her and she’ll first give me positive feedback then provide discussion in thinking through ways I can improve my lesson plans. I think this is an important skill for leaders to have, to be able to positively empower their employees while at the same time facilitating creative and more effective ideas. The leader, boss, or CEO of an organization plays a big role in establishing the work culture of their organization and I am happy I found an internship that aligns so well with myself.

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