Blog#3: Value of Diversity

Diversity is such a popular topic, you can hear it almost everywhere. How you identify yourself and how you deal with the difference. 3 days ago, when we were having lunch together, my boss asked me, “Sherry, do you remember what you did when you came for the interview? You asked where is S.” That was my interview day, I was very nervous. From my subconscious, I looked for a female figure, an HR I met at the career fair. But not surprisingly she does not work at this office, and I turn out to be the only female in the office. Fine, there is no such rule that restricts woman, a young woman, working with men. But the difference was noticed very soon. Guys always start their topic with game or sports. Guys make jokes about their wife and girlfriend. Guys play basketball and drink together after work. But girls don’t. I mean ‘a girl’ does not. I do like my colleague and my mentors. If I am the minority maybe I should try to join their conversation? Try to fit in? I was always told that we should accept people who are different. Yes, if they have their own group. But what if you are the only one in your group? I don’t want to be accepted, I want to be a part of the team. This is my first intern. And I don’t know where I am going after this, at least not sure for now. But one lesson is learned, you should try to change yourself if you cannot change the environment.


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