Last Interview

I had the very unique opportunity to interview and speak with an investor of CoVar. I got to do this because of the relationship that my boss has with him (Father/Son). As I reached out, I was pretty nervous for the response to the interview, but my boss had told me there would be nothing to worry about. And he was right.

As we dug into the interview I had the chance to learned about the process of becoming a business owner, and that it doesn’t happen overnight. And what I learned was that it’s not always pretty or easy. In this guys case he had worked in many different industries before finding a good fit for him that he was good at. this took the course of nearly 20 years to do so, so like I said it doesn’t happen over night.

I also learned that there is a lot of many in a lot of unglamorous  industries. Life and business isn’t always about working on wall street and living in a pent house. There is money in everything, in this mans case, he does three things. His “day job” is a commodity trading company. But on top of that he owns 10% of Covar and also owns 50% of a pallet manufactoring company. All stuff that isn’t very flashy.

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