Settling into a Routine

The past few weeks at the NYRB have been mostly more of the same, now that I’ve settled into a bit of a routine. I wrote all the copy for the holiday wraps, organizing them into different groupings for the holiday sale, and have worked more with the children’s section — i.e., writing pitch letters and press releases for books that are going to be coming out soon in the Children’s Collection, primarily books by Maria Kalman. I’ve begun seeing all of my copy in the actual publication, which is fun, and recommending books for gifts to families with young children.

One of my big projects this past week was heavily research based; I was responsible for researching about the books and authors of new titles for the fall 2018 catalogue, many of which will be never-before-translated into English works, which meant I had to get creative with my sources. Many of the books look fascinating, and I plan to get some advance copies for the Michigan Daily if I can, to review them!

The other heavy research component has been doing research for other people who aren’t on the usual mailing lists who may be interested in seeing advance copies of some of these books; for example, we are publishing an edition of Richard Stern’s Other Men’s Daughters (with an introduction by Philip Roth) and as Stern himself was closely associated with the University of Chicago, I helped the other intern do research to find other, smaller publications in Chicago who might be interested in seeing copies. 

My current project is drafting a proposal to the French Embassy, trying to get them to fund a visit to the United States for Yvan Alagbé, the author of Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures, a graphic work which deals with highly contemporary issues including oppression, immigration, and xenophobia, among others. We are hoping to host some events with public intellectual figures, and help him attend MoCCA Arts Festival.  

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