What I Have Learned

My time with CoVar has been more than fantastic. I started this internship with the idea that I would be doing strictly marketing. But what I have come to learn is that in many small and large companies, many people wear many hats. My boss’ not only find truck loads, but they also do their marketing, industry research, business developement and human resources. I think learning this is something that is very valuable and also attainable for anyone. If you can not only work hard but work hard, work well, and on many things, you can help the company greatly.

I also have learned that industries can be tricky. Who ever thought there would be a marketing group for a small trucking company. But even a company in an industry with no flash has a place in marketing. Because no matter the industry, company or business, relationships with people and getting your name out there can do nothing but help your company.

Along with both of these, I have learned most importantly that having a good relationship with your co-workers is very important. My time with CoVar opened my eyes to just how fun working can be if everyone gets along. But it also showed me how not fun it can be too when there are disagreements.

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