#6 Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

Just finishing my 8th week as an actuarial intern at M Financial Group, I found myself more excited about becoming a professional actuary. My work has confirmed what I have expected to be an actuary: periodically/consistently learning new things and taking challenges, through which I can clearly see my changes and growth. It also confirms part of the actuarial roles that involves repeated practice, which I see as a great opportunity to solidify and improve my understanding of certain topics as well as use of technical skills.

What also enlightens me is the communication not only within my department but also with other departments like sales support, underwriting, tech support and so forth. It is apparent that exception communication skills will make one excel as both a business professional and a future leader. I am thinking about taking a public speaking course or a presentation course when I am back to school. Besides, I will be enrolled in a SQL Coursera class and audit a high-level EECS course that involves SQL at University of Michigan. A systematic and in-depth course of SQL will for sure deepen my understanding of the language as well as enhance my approach to it. I believe following these further steps will help me achieve my goal to be a business professional

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