When it comes to my favorite project thus far within my internship, one comes quickly to mind. Twice a year, the media industry has an event known as ‘upfronts’. An upfront is when the major broadcast networks present all of their new shows for the upcoming season. When they do this, they show brief clips to give everyone a feel for exactly what the show is going to be like. Within a few weeks time, they release the entire pilot episode and it is up to the media buyers themselves to watch the episodes and give each one a rating. Each network usually has about 4-6 new shows per season, making watching and rating each one a very time consuming job. That is when we came into play.

When the pilots were released for the five main broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CW, CBS, FOX), me and the two other interns I work with were assigned our favorite project. Over the course of our 10 weeks with Mediavest | Spark, recently rebranded as Spark Foundry, we were to watch these shows and come up with a write up for each of them. We talked about what the show was going to be about, and most importantly if we thought it was going to have a good following once it aired. This saved all the buyers a great amount of time because with our write ups, they were able to then rate the shows quickly and put together their buys for the upcoming flight.

This is a very important step for the buyers due to the fact that if a show is not going to do well, and therefore given a low rating, then they should not be buying advertising spots within those shows. The lower the ratings, the less you want to buy spots with the given show. This was a very interesting and exciting project that I can safely say we were all happy to be a part of. Hopefully our write-ups happen as expected but we will just have to wait and see.

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  • July 31, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Wow! I had no idea that such events called “upfronts” existed. As I am looking to potentially work in that side of the media industry next year, it is exciting to know how involved interns are. It is so cool that you got to see these shows before anyone, and that you had an important impact on their futures!


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