Afro-Argentine Presence | #3

As my internship reaches the halfway point, I realize that I have to complete my first draft of my research soon. During the first week, I looked into a number of topics. While there were so many Argentine concepts to choose from, I decided to investigate a different disappeared population.

When asked about an Afro-Argentines, Argentines normally respond that there are none. It seems a little off-putting to know that there was some involvement in Argentina with the slave trade, and there aren’t any records of an African population in the country. For almost a decade, the country has not had an “African Descent/African/Black” category on the census. It seems that any record of other lineages than the expected lineage has been erased.

During the last semester spent in Argentina, I created a PowerPoint which highlighted key facts about this population. I would like to explore further. Two weeks from now, I will be traveling to the province of Buenos Aires to visit the Museum of Afro-Argentine Culture. There, I would like to ask the curator how they found all the items and artifacts. I would like to also ask if they have some history books or historians to answer more questions.

Even though I think it will be interesting to work on the paper as I try to explore and continue to hold a social life, I am excited to see where this research leads.

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