Constituent Services at the RNC Blog #4

This picture is from our Republican National Committee Interns versus Staff Softball game. Every Wednesday, the RNC staffers play against another team in DC and this week, it was the intern team. My co-intern, Andrew, took the lead in planning and strategizing for the team, and had me manage the team while he was out on the field. This was a great opportunity to exhibit leadership abilities and showcase our teamwork. Even though the interns lost 13-17, we worked extremely well together and had so much fun. I’m pretty sure this is the closest it has been in years! This picture directly translates into the office at the RNC and how we all work together phenomenally. The field we played on was close to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and a lot of the other memorials in DC. It was a great experience and a memory I’ll never forget, just like every other day I’ve spent in Washington DC.

This picture defines my internship because I spend everyday with these interns and they really make this experience fantastic and better than I thought it would ever be. Playing on these fields right in DC was unbelievable and the fact that we work right in DC, 2 blocks away from the Capitol building, is unbelievable. It still blows my mind that I have spent 2 months in DC, working at the RNC, with a group of people as wonderful as these interns and staff. All of the smiles on our faces are genuine, showing how happy we all were at this softball game!

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