First day of Internship | #3

On the first day of my internship I was so nervous. I arrived at the office 10 minutes earlier then I was supposed to and I thought nobody would be there. In contrast, the office was already open. After I walked in the building, Mr. Neubert wo was my supervisor during my internship welcomed me at the door of our office. He was very nice. He led me to his office and I also greeted with two other coworkers on the way to his office.

In his office, we started the conversation with a brief introduction of ourselves. Then he asked me some questions regarding the experiences I put on my resume. At last we talked about what is my role during the internship. Since China is now a fast-growing country and many Chinese are doing business in Germany. And my job is firstly to find out if there are Chinese potential clients. If there are, then we could develop a marketing plan.

The project was very appealing to me because I know well how the Chinese live in the US. This was an opportunity that I could get to know the situation of Chinese community in Germany. And how much the social differences are there and If the Chinese live in a different way than the ones in the US? I was so ready and excited to find out.

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