Interview 1 | #7

When deciding upon who the best candidates would be for me to interview I took many people into account across many fields and experience levels. I narrowed my choices down to two individuals I thought would be of greatest help. The first individual is currently playing professional football in the NFL and is, therefore, in a position where I would like to be in a year or two. I have not written about this yet in my previous blogs, but everything I have been doing for this internship and for these blogs has been for my backup plan. This preparation has been for what I would like to do when I am done playing football. What I would like to do before then is to play football for a living in the NFL. My interviewee gave me some great advice on what it takes to get to the next level. He mentioned some of the differences between the college and pro levels and how much more of a business it is at that level. He also mentioned that you get out what you put into it and that your success at that level truly rides on whether or not you put in the hours and the dedication to fine tuning your craft. It is astounding how different playing in the NFL is to playing in college, but it is an exciting opportunity that I am working towards. This information will help me know what to expect from the process.

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