Journal #4 – The Big House Program

Recently, the project interns and I were able to reach out to Michigan’s Alumni Association who  seemed very pleased to hear about the efforts and role that the Big House Program has had on a variety of communities. Members of the Alumni Association want to come to part 3 of the Big House Program to do some workshopping with the students, which would really help them transition into the university as well as offer the students an opportunity to expand their professional network.

With the first part of the Big House Program starting in a week, the project interns and I have been collaborating on putting together informational forms for the students that vary from important financial aid information to details about applying for undocumented students. It’s important that these students are exposed to this information even if it doesn’t apply to them because they’ll never know if they or someone else they know might need it. In addition to these forms, we are creating a form that allows the students to track their progress on essays as well as note the deadlines for school applications, and offers a variety of scholarship information that lists scholarships available for different states. We want to be able to leave an impact on the students even after the program ends.

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