At Freedom Schools we seek to appeal to the kinesthetic,visual, auditory, and reading/writing learners, thus each component of our program is deigned to present the necessary information in a different way.

Each morning we begin our day with what can be thought of as a morning pep-rally called Harambee! meaning LET’S PULL TOGETHER. During this ceremony we sing songs, dance, and empower our youth with recognitions of their intrinsic qualities. My favorite part of this portion of the day are the cheers & chants. My favorite one goes like this:


Tell me what you feel like doin’ y’all

I feel you hangin’ with my triiiibbbeee

Hold up. Wait a minute. Let me put some freedom in it.

Hooo Haaa I go to Freedom Schools (say what)

Hooo Haaa I go to Freedom Schools


This chant has always been my favorite, but it wasn’t until this week that I truly felt the meaning of this chant. As the last weeks of the program are creepin’ up on us I have realized that we truly are a family. Unlike a traditional school setting our scholars have learned not to be fearful of making mistakes, that they can be themselves, and that Freedom Schools is a safe space where they can express even their deepest darkest secrets.

My scholars are getting closer to one another. I am getting closer to them. And we are a family.


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