Overcoming Obstacles | #5

My internship had a huge learning curve that extended throughout the 10 weeks. I did become more efficient after the first few weeks, but I learned something new each week. I faced a challenge with a particular type of project that I could not grasp. The first report I wrote on that type of project came back with a lot of feedback and instructions on how to change it. My first step to dealing with this challenge was understanding the feedback and instructions and editing my first draft. However, it came back to me with feedback that it was still not at the level it was expected to be at. Since I knew I needed help, I reached out to my coach and asked for some time where she could sit down and personally explain the process to me. After that meeting, I understood my mistakes and corrected them for my next draft.

From this experience, I learned that reaching out to people is very helpful. That was one of my weaknesses coming into this internship; I would not like to approach people with questions about matters I did not understand, as I thought it made me look incompetent. I learned that my coworkers rather take fifteen minutes out of their time and explain something to me, rather than me spending an hour trying to google or find an answer myself. I worked on approaching people more in this internship and made many new friends in that process. Regardless of the company, I would like to keep the skill of being approachable and being able to approach people.

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