Overcoming Obstacles| blogpost #5

This internship is coming to an end soon. When I reflect on what I have done and what I have learned through obstacles, there are two lessons that I think is the most significant. The first one is to be afraid to ask. Due to my academic background, there are many professional financial terms and essential knowledge that I don’t know. During my internship, I had to do lots of research on some basic financial terms. Sometimes, even after extensive research online, I am still confused about them. When I first encounter this situation, I usually just write the information down on my notebook and think that I will be able to figure it out later. Slowly, the notebook was filled up. Then I realized if I don’t figure them out now, I will never try the second times. Thus, during lunch hours, I started asking my co-workers those questions. To my surprise, they were very helpful and experienced. I understood that don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have already tried by yourself.

The second obstacle that I have countered is that I had lots of fundamental tasks besides writing reports, such as making excel sheets, checking documents and so on. I felt very bored and under-valued at first. I feel like I am not learning a lot from those basic tasks and to my point of view, anyone can do those tasks. Because of my attitude, I was not looking forward to going to work and not willing to do them. At some point, I was thinking to end the internship early. I was not sure If I was making the right decision. I messaged some of my friends and asked about their previous experience. They told me that when they started working, they were the same. Some of them said to me, their work was even worse. But what is important is that I have to show my leader that even though I am not doing the big task, I am detailed-oriented and can finish my work on time and in good quality so that I am capable of handling harder jobs. After talking with them, I fixed my attitude and started to enjoy my work much more.

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