Routine – Blog #3

I feel as though I am getting into a routine at work. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad. I enjoy the presence of learning and doing something new at work because it changes my day up and makes it feel as though the day is going by faster. The routine that I am getting into isn’t always the same exact time schedule, which makes it a little better. I have also learned that I don’t always enjoy giving tours/showing houses to some people because they expect me to know every little detail about the place and the people currently staying in the unit. I had an encounter last week with a person who I gave a tour to, and it left me feeling uneasy after the tour. Later I tried to tell myself not to be mad because then it would just ruin the rest of my day, and quickly changed my mood to being happy. On a positive note, my managers cheered me up by saying that its not my fault since I am an intern and people are rude a lot of the time when it comes to the housing market, they look for anything and everything to be upset about. I understand wanting the perfect housing experience but living in a college town such as Ann Arbor where the houses are close to 100 years old, that perfection is quite a long distance away.

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