Start of Wolverine Pathways #1

So it’s the end of Spring semester and I’ve decided that I’m not going to take classes for Summer semester, so now what do I do? Find a job, of course. A friend of mine sent me an email with this opportunity to intern for Wolverine Pathways and I immediately jumped on it. Wolverine Pathways, in a nutshell, is a college preparation program (geared towards helping scholars prepare for Michigan, but college is college) designed to help scholars in the Southfield, Detroit and Ypsilanti areas.

My major is Sociology: Law, Justice and Social Change. My minors are Community Action and Social Change (CASC) and Urban Studies. What do I want to do with that? I would like to do a lot of things in the short span of my life. I have dreams and aspirations to work with children in low-income areas, children who live with chronic illnesses, children in the legal system, etc. I want to impact the world, and I felt like WP (Wolverine Pathways) would be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

My job at Wolverine Pathways essentially was to help ensure that the program would run smoothly. I am supposed to connect with the scholars in order to keep the program at its best and I am supposed to make sure that all of the teachers and instructional assistants had everything they needed in order to teach the scholars to the best of their ability.

My schedule was 7:15am-4pm Monday-Thursday, which was a complete turnaround from what I was used to. During the school year, I managed to never have a class start before 10 pm or end after 2 pm (yes, I got that lucky somehow), so waking up at 6:30 to get to work every morning took some getting used to. Yes, the schedule was rough the first couple days, but over time I became accustomed to it.

I was very energized and ready to go on the first day. I was excited to meet the scholars and connect with them, I was excited to actually start working with my co-workers and I was very excited to have a role in these scholars lives that could impact them positively. All of the scholars are well-mannered and they all genuinely wanted to learn, which made my job so much more enjoyable. My work was more focused with the rising juniors, who were working on math and SAT reading throughout the course of the program during the summer.

This first day was quite long, but I enjoyed it and feel like I made a great choice in choosing to work with Wolverine Pathways. The atmosphere was very ideal and laid-back, which worked perfectly in the summer. The first day went well and it made me excited to see how the rest of the program would turn out.

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