Winding Down l #10

Greetings y’all! Penultimate? WHat? WhO said that? I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Just another standard week here in Buenos Aires! First things first: food. One of my very good friends here, Janna, (who absolutely did not in any way whatsoever leave forever last night) had her mom visit this week, and being the absolute gem that she is cooked us several meals, a true pleasure I’ve experienced maybe two other times this entire trip. We’ve also been making the rounds at some of our favorite restaurants, including one that my friends had all been to and loved but I have not named Banco Rojo. Per the recommendations of my friends I got what could only be referred to as pure innovation, in that it was a piece of pita hollowed out to make a sort of chicken burrito with sweet and sour sauce (it was as good as it sounds). We obviously also hit up 180 Burger Bar on Friday (we’ll be back again in a week) and that night I sobbed into my laptop at the season finale of Stranger Things, despite it being my third time having watched it. Finally, yesterday Perie Tara and I all did a little more shopping in an entirely new-to-us street market very similar to San Telmo, the only difference being it was not nearly as big and circular instead of linear, since it was located in a plaza (Plaza Serrano for anyone playing at home). After that we met up with our other hostel friends who, unlike us, have been spending their time here with a program called Voluntario Global which is more focused on outdoor work and sustainability. They’d invited us to a sort of potluck team member celebration dinner, and so not only did we get a cool tour of their operation but we also got to enjoy a delicious dinner while meeting all the other members of our friends’ team. That’s really it in terms of activities for the week; there seems to be a sort of lull settling over my friends and I here at the hostel (not a single clue in the world as to why!!!). I haven’t given a work update in a while but that’s basically because it’s been going so smoothly, and I’m even more excited because this coming Thursday Emily and I have been given the opportunity to go with some of our other coworkers to go see one of Buenos Aires’s local politicians speak at a local university (the connection with our work being that the university if one of BusinessPress’s clients)! I actually have no idea what the topic is or really what to expect but regardless I’m very excited for this chance for some exposure to local culture, especially since politics is a constant topic of discussion here in the city and I’m sure the rest of the country. Tune in next week to discover the results of this talk and definitely 100% not because it’s my last blog here!!!! =))) Only two pictures this week, but I like both of them a lot.

The previously undiscovered market in Plaza Serrano
I need this framed

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  • July 31, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    I love reading about the food you eat in Buenos Aires — your descriptions always makes me hungry! I’m glad work is going well and I lowkey really appreciate your second picture haha


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