#5 Obstacles I overcame in my internship

I am interning with an Asset Management firm in Chicago this summer. My work involved working with various solutions and products groups across Asset Management. The obstacles I constantly met were to understand what work each group does, what their responsibilities are and how they fit into the entire company. Besides that, I would to share another challenge I met in my internship, how I navigate through it and what I learnt from it.

One of my internship projects was to conduct a competitor analysis with two other interns and present it in front of executives. We allocated the work to each specific person and agreed to meet up once a week. We met a lot of challenges drafting the competitor analysis – we had problems collecting a certain information from public website and designing what information we should highlight in the decks. To solve this, we reached out to some junior analysts for help and advice, and to specific groups for detailed explanation of certain products. After finishing designing the decks, we reached out to senior analysts for review and advice, and we spent tremendous amount of time practicing presenting it. We did a great job and earned the executive boards’ applause. What I learnt from this experience was never hesitate to reach out for help and practice always makes perfect

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