Blog 3: Value of Diversity

As my internship began to progress, I began to wonder about the statistics of female attorneys in the field of law. Earlier when I interned at a firm in New York, I could only account for one female attorney and the rest were men. Shocking because I was in New York City! Mecca of diversity, it’s the melting pot of different cultures, races, religions, and Peoples! And I happen to cross paths with only ONE female attorney? Now I know that this field is dominated with male attorneys but I just thought it interesting to see. To my surprise, while interning at a firm here in Michigan I’m so lucky enough to be working with not one female attorney but FOUR. Major difference. Intrigued by this too, I asked each attorney what they thought about the scarcity in number of women compared to that of men and they all seemed to be unbothered by it to some degree. The concept of working “twice-as-hard” was a common theme but they all loved the sense of hard work and competition. They all agreed on the fact that it would be nice to see more women in the field but all showed disdain for the possible drama that comes with large groups of women. Fair enough, we are well balanced here!


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