Blog 4: Mid Point Check in

I believe that most of my goals that I had set initially have been met, as well as new goals surfacing as I continue my internship. I have extending my networking circle significantly and established relationships with my co-workers that will help me while in law school and after. Being at a firm where each member cares about the other has really helped with that, its not all work and each member seems to have friendships with one another outside of work. I have also learned a ton about the area of practice (Estates & Trusts) and boy is it interesting. There is so much that goes into Estate planning and wills, and so many sides to it that it does keep you entertained. I have picked up on different vernacular that is often used in this field and can give you a brief outline or synopsis of how to set up a trust and will. Researching different statues, especially since some have recently changed, has kept me abreast with current law and how it factors into practice so that has been fun. In addition to learning the different courts and what each one does, I have been able to see a lot of cases handled in court firsthand and have been included in handling the research to some factors of “dummy” cases. Setting new goals is what I have to do now!

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  • August 1, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    That’s very exciting that your goals have been met! It sounds as though you have had a very fruitful internship, which is what everyone would want their internship to be like. What are some of your new goals now?


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