Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in – Hour Media

When revisiting my goals for this internship, I realize that they are all still applicable to my experience here at Hour Media. I mentioned before that I have interned at Hour before, except for a much shorter time and with a different department. My first goal was in reference to this experience, as I hoped to have more work and important tasks to do. I definitely believe that my work as a custom publishing intern is much more in-depth and serious. I have not only been working more hours, but the work I have been doing is also much more meaningful and meticulous. I was more of a personal assistant last summer, where I did not have consistent projects to work on and was only around when needed by my superiors. Now, I have overlapping work sent to me by different people in different departments, so there is always something keeping my busy. My other goal was in reference to my general future in this business. To me, the point of an internship is to gain experience in your desired career, as well as make connections in your desired career. It is important for me to use this opportunity to build my resume, which will help me earn other internships or jobs down the line. My summer at Hour Media has already given me countless connections, as well as proof of my talents as a magazine article writer, researcher, fact-checker, and other skills. I have been able to make note of the publications I have worked on and positions I have held within Hour on my LinkedIn page. I hope to continue on this path of success in terms of my goals, with one revision in order to make my goals more quantifiable. I aim to have attended 3 off-site experiences and written at least one article before my time here is done for the summer. I believe that my research, fact-checking, proofing and other work has been promptly and thoroughly, and I have done well in communicating with my boss, too. I still need to work on my confidence while talking on the phone to clients, but can already tell I have improved since the beginning of the summer.

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