Blog #5 – Foundation on Vacation


Last week my foundation was on winter break, so I had the entire week to travel. I chose to go up north, to the hot mountainous region of Argentina, close to the Bolivian border. This week I was able to see so much! Because I was solo traveling, I had to branch out and meet new people I wanted friends on my trip. At my first hostel in Salta, I met two German guys and ended up going on a three day road trip with them up north. This was the best road trip of my life, not only because of the company but also because of the scenery. The entire drive was filled with nearly deserted desert roads engulfed by mountains on all sides. These weren’t just regular mountains though – they were the famous 14 color mountains of Humahuaca and Purmamarca. I remember learning about these mountains in my geology class last semester; that was the first time I had ever heard about these, and I then made it my mission to go. And I lucked out! These mountains are even more gorgeous and awe-inspiring than the pictures!

After my road trip with the Germans through the mountains, I stopped in Cordoba to visit some American friends. Then it was back to Buenos Aires. This week, I got a little tour of northwestern Argentina. This will probably be the last big trip I am able to take, as I have only three weeks left of my internship, and I have to focus on my research paper. I am writing about an organization that is supposed to be cleaning an extremely contaminated river system near Buenos Aires. More to come about my research next week!

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