Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles – Hour Media

A big obstacle that I have had to face throughout my experience at Hour Media this summer has been in regard to phone conversations with clients. Starting out, I was very nervous to talk to people over the phone, with the fear that they would ask me a question I was not qualified to answer, causing me to feel shameful and as if I had failed the customer. At this point, I have had to make hundred of calls to various people of various statuses, so I set up a system. Before each type of call, I write myself a loose script of what I should say. This includes my general speech as well as other information that people could possibly ask me, so I am not left startled or speechless. If someone asks me a question while I am on call with them that I had not previously included, I will add it, along with a tailored response. Although the call scripts made me sound credible and confident to most of those I am in contact with, a recent project I have been working on has stumped me again. I have had to call various, high-end stores across the country to ask for PR contacts for the upcoming holiday edition of a magazine. These people have apparently been trained not to disclose any individual contact information. Even after I explain the reasoning behind my inquiry or give the name of my boss, who they may know or feel more comfortable with, many still refuse. This situation makes me feel like I am some kind of spam caller or scammer, which is frustrating because I am just trying to do my job. I have yet to find a solution to this problem, although I have explained the situation to my boss, who has been wondering why the project is taking longer than it should. The best I feel I can do is go on their websites and do research to try and find the closest contact to the one I am searching for.

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