Blog 6: Connecting my studies to my academic exploration – Hour Media

As my time with Hour Media is coming to a close, I feel no regret about the time I have spent with this company this summer, but I definitely have some clarity on what I am truly passionate about academically. My original plan when graduating high school was to major in journalism, but there is no such major at the University of Michigan. I have been teetering back and forth between communication studies in LS&A, or applying to the School of Information and taking a path in social media to focus on advertising and marketing. I still am unsure which path I am going to take, but I do know that straight journalism may not have been the best choice for me after all. As a custom publishing intern, I was able to do a lot of different tasks with a lot of different magazines under Hour. This was great experience for me, and I truly believe this was one of the best departments for me to work in in order to learn how the magazine industry works. But, the work is quite meticulous. It makes sense that I must proof and fact-check articles multiple times, or do in-depth research even when the answers seem obvious, because a magazine is published and read by millions of people and there is no room for error. It would be a disaster to have false information about a company, person, or organization spread across the country. And at first, I thought that I was just stuck with this seemingly petty work because I was the intern, and my job was to do things that others did not have time for or did not necessarily want to do. But, I realized that even my boss and her co-workers would again check the articles after I had two or three times. It doesn’t matter what level of stature you are within a magazine, you are always going to have to pay attention to fine details, and it can be very frustrating and time consuming. Also, I did not mind doing this type of work for a summer, but for my career in life, I need to be more creatively involved. My dream has not wavered in the sense that I still want to be involved with magazine somehow, but I have yet to find my place in this industry.

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