Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration.

I cannot deny that I have learned a lot during this internship. I definitely know I am in the right industry and that researching sports is my passion but that I should stay away from social marketing. I feel my interests lie in hard term marketing rather than soft term marketing. I have never been much for social media usage but alas that is where most clients tend to be located due to it’s immense popularity and I wanted to at least explore it because it will continue being such an important factor in any business marketing strategy. Although the work was not entertaining or fulfilling for my professional interests.

I learned a lot about the importance of being pro-active in the workplace. I took several courses to further myself in social marketing and excel because I wanted to make sure I had all the proper knowledge to ensure that I conducted the social media pages in a way to efficiently increase the company’s exposure on Facebook. I also learned that sometimes great ideas seem in theory but the implementation can be tricky because you are not relating to your audience in an efficient manner. I learned this by creating an LinkedIn page for the company thinking it would be a great tool to further the motorsports aspect of the company but had to realize it was a failure since the audience primarily found in LinkedIn did not cater to the content I was publishing, since it was better catered to our Facebook page.

Overall this internship has helped me understand where my strengths lie and realigned my professional interests for the upcoming year when I will be searching for an opportunity of employment within the work force

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