Blog Post #4 : Midpoint Check-In

At the beginning of my internship, my goals were “to interact more with the clients, become skilled enough to work more independently, and establish a good relationship with the rest of my fellow interns and the staff attorneys.” I would say that I envisioned myself being more involved in my attorney’s cases, but I can definitely say now that I realize I don’t have nearly enough experience or know-how to be as involved and independent as I initially thought that I would be.  I don’t look at that as a bad thing necessarily, it just means that I ask a lot of questions and google a lot of information.  I’m realizing how much I have left to learn and how much I’m going to have to study and memorize things in law school, because there is so much lingo and so many acronyms to remember.  As for my last goal, however, I think that I have accomplished that.  Like I said in my second blog post, I have a great team of people and it’s nice that we can work together and reach out to each other for help.

As for what I’m doing well, I think I’ve been pretty good at taking initiative and asking what my attorney needs me to do.  I like to be busy so I am always looking for a new task which I think is a good quality to have.  I honestly haven’t identified any areas where I’ve seen a tremendous amount of personal growth, but hopefully as a draw closer to the end of my internship here I’ll have a much better idea.  I’m looking forward to seeing what these last few weeks hold.

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