Blog Post 5 | Overcoming Obstacles

At the beginning of this internship, I took on the task of learning R, a new programming language. However, after a few weeks of attempts, I realized it would take more than just three months at an internship to master this skill and I did not have as much interest as anticipated. Instead, I shifted my focus to learning media marketing tools such as Tableau, WordPress and Mailchimp. Through these programs, I’ve been able to really expand my skills in digital design and marketing.

At first it was difficult to figure out each of these programs, Tableau being the hardest. I spent a lot of time watching tutorials online in order to get a better idea of they worked. Ultimately, I was able to test my skills frequently within our office and eventually was able to publish my posts. I have published several posts to the company website and have been given the opportunity to send a weekly clips email to the entire staff which has received great responses.

While I quickly realized programming is not for me, I was glad to experience it first hand and make this assessment during an internship instead of enrolling in courses at school or questioning graduate school for such a program. Since I was able to redirect my interests early on, I was able to learn more about media programs and excel in these throughout my time here at Deep Root Analytics.



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