CDOB #2 Cliff Yates/ The People or the Experience?

A Change is going to come…. Kortez.  This week my supervisor shipped me off to the Department of hearing this week and I had the opportunity to meet Cliff Yates. Before I speak about Cliff, I want to explain what happens at the Department of Hearing(DOH). The DOH handles all the court cases that occur within the city. If you get stopped in traffic you go to the DOH, if you have a building violation you go to the DOH, if you have a minor crime violation you go to the DOH and so on. My supervisor sent me here to work with the cities law clerks. Law Clerk speaks on the behalf of the city and ensures the city gets the correct fines and not harsh ones. As an Intern, I assist them in preparing the case and working with the lawyers

Now onto Cliff, Cliff was the manager of the law clerks. Every time a case starts you need to show Evidence to Cliff, and after showing evidence he decides if you have shown compliance. Cliff has become my mentor because he was a successful man with some very successful kids. His daughter became a doctor and his sons both became teachers. He went to college and made his college sweetheart, went off to the military, and then came back and worked his way up to a management role in the DOB. Most importantly, he continued to say that I am going to do great things one day and that I destined to spend my days in the books. I really appreciate that statement because he understood me and help me develop my personal speaking ability. I hope to one day follow in this man footsteps, because of the light that he sees in me. To my reader, I have one question for you. Do we intern for the experience? Or the people that we meet? Because I think the people we meet mean a lot more than the overall experience.

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  • August 1, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Great question Kortez!


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