Difficulties of Being an Intern | #5

The definition of an intern is: a student or trainee working for experience. Because of this, most employers and companies come to see as non-experts in our chosen majors and even better yet- non experts at the work we do in our day to day internship. However, at Treasury I have come to work with understanding supervisors who have given me tasks with the intention to be confused and most likely fail. This concept is pretty common; however, it is not a practice I would share for interns in the gov’t as I personally  don’t really want the gov’t to fail in any of its tasks, regardless if they are minimal and non-pertinent to our country’s people.


For example, there is a talent management upgrade going on within the department that includes multiple agencies getting onto one platform. This platform has led many of these agencies to ask reoccurring questions; thus, my supervisor created a blog FAQ section within the single platform so that agencies can ask their questions there of find their answers. He created a blank blog forum and I had to create the rest of the FAQ site from scratch. I do not have any background on website design (in fact, my internship mainly revolves around an internal audit), yet I was up for an extra task. Website design didn’t seem to difficult to me because there is  wix, canva, and other graphic/ web design digital services in the world that could provide with me some inspiration, help, and guidance. However, I learned that the gov’t strictly uses Sharepoint- a Microsoft Office Program that I had never used. Thus, I had to create the site using a foreign program. I was already on a tight deadline and I had to spend even ore time just learning how to insert an item into Sharepoint. I tried to learn fast, but ultimately my supervisor needed the FAQ site a little faster than I could provide for the upgrade. Therefore, I never completed the task and he finished it for me.


Though this experience, I learned that there are times where I might not solve the issue and that’s ok because there will be other opportunities where I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I also learned there is no harm in getting the extra task as I was able to learn some basic design in Sharepoint.

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