Do you want to get a return offer? My advice| #5

What’s up, intern scholars?

During this summer internship, I compiled some things that I believe will be very helpful to get a return offer. Therefore, no more wait, let’s dive in!

  • How to 0 |The basics of an “internship”
    • Know what to expect on the job
    • Basic etiquettes:

    •  Dress for success
    • Show your commitment (arrive on time, willing to stay)
      ▪ Earlier than everyone else, show everyone that I’m ready when they arrive
      ▪ Be flexible, keep an open mind, say yes to opportunities
    •  No Wechat/Instagram/Snapchat
      -P.S. Getting prepared for the internship Early
  • How to 1| If you want a full-time offer, treat it as if you are already one of the team!
    • Gain trust early on (it’s a process, so it’s better to build it early on)
    • Take your work seriously, by paying attention to details
    • Even for copying/scanning tasks
    • Know your work has value, and claim ownership of your project.
    • Eg. People will evaluate you on the easiest work.
    • If you can do the easy work perfectly, you are creating value for the company
  • How to 2| Hone good skills
    • Technical Skill
      • Do your homework
        • Ask (many) questions but in a respectful manner
        • Push as far as you can, and gather questions
        • Respect others’ time
        • Before the internship starts, do your research in advance, view company’s website (values, services, opportunities), google news of the company.
        • Learn technical skills before the internship
    • Soft Skills
      • Time management
        • It’s better to get one project done well than taking 10 projects and finish them poorly
        • Do good work and build trust)
      • Communication
        •  Speak up if you get too much or too little work
        • Don’t turn the work that you didn’t finish well
        • Ask for feedback
          • Do it regularly, and don’t wait until the end of your internship
  • How to 3 | Networking
    • Build Relationships
    • Find a mentor and support
      • Network with professionals outside of your group
      • Never eat alone when you don’t have urgent work
    • Socialize with group and other interns
    • Reach out to the high executives. Learn communication skills and career paths from your bosses
  • How to 4 |Build your resume
    • Stay organized
      • Keep track of specific facts and figures about your performance
      • Take notes of your performance and work and compare it to your managers’ review notes
      • Learn what your advantages/strengths are
      • Embrace opportunities, and volunteer with reasons
      • *All the people in your group will give opinions on you when evaluating if you are qualified for the full-time position
  • Conclusion
    • Be yourself
      • You want to work in a company whose culture fits your personality and whose value you agree on.
    •  Be professional
      • Remember that everyone you interact with will contribute to the final decision as to whether to give you a return offer
      • *Don’t talk bad things with your co-works, it’s not professional

I hope these tips help!



Originally from Shanghai, China, who spent couple years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Macau, and the USA, I will be an Actuarial Consulting intern at Milliman's Chicago Health Practice for Summer 2017.

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  • August 10, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Wonderful advice!!!


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