End of an operation | #5

Don’t be afraid to take risks

When I agreed to join the MCORRP internship program for the 2017 summer cohort, I did not know anyone entering into the program. The only components that I knew about the program was that I would be doing medical database abstraction, volunteering at a local medical supply center, and shadowing medical professionals. However, the experience turned out to be more than just that. I found 24 new friends and widened my medical vocabulary.

You don’t just have to be a doctor to be in medicine

There are many other avenues to be involved in the medical space without having to only practice medicine. You can be a lab technician, clinical researcher, or even a medical administrator and scheduler. For all future students completing a clinical research internship, I would say keep an open mind to the different components that make a medical appointment successful. Explore those additional avenues because you might be able to find a profession that better fits your personal interests and lifestyle. Furthermore, be prepared to do a lot of writing. Clinical research entails a lot of preparing a background, abstract, and discussion of limitations of research. The ability to clearly articulate the variables and results goes a long way.

I am glad I spent my sophomore summer interning at MCORRP because of the amazing skills and personal growth that I was able to experience at Michigan Medicine. While this experience helped me realize that I will not be pursuing a medical degree, I am excited to say that it has helped solidify my decision to go into healthcare consulting to find methods to optimize operations and enhance quality of care at medical institutions.

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