Favorite Experience | Blog #4

There hasn’t been one experience that has been my favorite so far this summer, but a collection of smaller moments. Once I had enough practice with administering the survey so that I wasn’t as awkward, I had a lot more fun interacting with the patients. I really enjoy each interview when the child is older, so that I am able to direct the questions to the child and not their parent. They are so excited to participate and I believe they feel more adult like when they are given the chance to tell me their opinions and feelings. With a lot of practice, I have been able to fluidly administer the survey, and even have parts of it memorized. This allows me to focus on the child or parent, speak clearly (I have an accent to Ghanaians and this makes me hard to understand sometimes), and be personable even when the environment around us is hectic. Simply being friendly by smiling, laughing, or making funny faces at the younger children elevates the experience for me and the patient. I’m always so grateful for each person who decided to enroll in the study, as they had to add at least an extra hour to their doctor visit or even come back another day to finish all of the parts. Each individual interaction brightened my day and I am very lucky to be able to have these experiences in Ghana.

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