Favorite Presentation | Blog Post #3

Every Wednesday we have meetings to talk about the progress we are completing at The Giving Factory. We keep track of how many volunteers come in through the doors, how much money is raised, how many children are being served, and how many kid packs have been given out our doors. At all of the meetings, we have different tasks that we must do in the beginning of the meetings. This segment, we had to do something called, “a leadership journey,” where we had to explain an experience where we believed we were leaders. I talked about my experience when I went to Italy in high school, and how I became a leader during the trip because I was able to lead our group through a difficult situation. At some point of the trip, we were lost due to the number of people in our group and half of us were separated. Because I knew how to speak Spanish and some of the words in Italian are very similar to words in Spanish, I was able to ask questions and direct us to the right direction to where our whole group was last together. In the end, we were able to reunite with the group, and my group for the trip called me a leader for stepping up.

Additionally, every staff member and the interns had to share an experience where they felt like a leader for the first segment. It was a really great method to get to know one another and share an experience where we felt proud of ourselves. Since everyone shared their experience, we are moving to another objective so that we can all share something else about ourselves. Similarly, we use each other’s experiences to help us become better leaders at The Giving Factory for the volunteers and for ourselves.

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