Final Week — Blog Post #4

As the final week of my internship begins today, I’ve started to reflect on how this internship has impacted me. Along with that, I’ve been considering how this internship has affected my future plans; what job or career I wish to pursue, how I’ll get that job, and how this internship has prepared me for it.

When I was younger, I was convinced I would be a writer someday, producing the next hit series of novels and shaping the literary world with work equivalent to Harry Potter. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized two things: absolutely no one can ever replace J. K. Rowling, and I don’t necessarily want to be an author anymore.

Despite not wanting to write for a living, I do have a talent for it, and this internship has highlighted that for me. I was brought in as an editorial intern, where I was tasked with not only writing content, but also editing it. This experience has allowed me to not only explore different types of writing (ranging from proposals to blog posts) but also to see how it works in a business setting. Writing proposals and proofreading important documents and brand partnership proposals has taught me how to shape and focus on writing imperative to the success of a business, and these tasks quickly became daily for me. However, I was still able to work in the marketing and public relations department — something I found that I really enjoy, and may pursue with future internships and after college.

Though I never anticipated being someone interested in the business end of companies, I have found that I have a particular interest in the marketing/communications field and my skills in writing and editing have really helped me to thrive in those departments. Without this internship, I may not have ever realized that I enjoyed this kind of work and that I am capable of using my skills in writing to help with these tasks. Overall, this internship has produced new opportunities for my future that I wasn’t aware of, and has equipped me with the right knowledge and experience to pursue these opportunities.

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