First Day Reflection!

For the summer I will be working for Parental Insight. When I first applied for this position, I was little skeptical on how I could relate this experience to my career. Currently, I am Biomolecular Science & Philosophy Major with a pre-med concentration. One thing that I have learned within the passed couple years is that the medical field is transforming. Its no longer strictly about medicine and calculations. Patient-to-doctor interaction is a large portion of the job and my communication skills have to be pristine. Entering this position on the first day, I was honesty pretty nervous and it took a minute for me to become very vocal. As a program coordinator, I have the opportunity to work with the people of the community and build relationships with them as I try my best to impact their lives. Learning their stories and backgrounds has been truly inspiring. This position gives me the oppportunity to enhance my communication skills and develop strategies to effectively communicate with others. I’m excited to see all the things I will learn from this position.

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